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Full Unified Threat Management (UTM)
SoHoBlue has combined everything you need to protect your business network into one handy unit. We call this Unified Threat Management, or UTM for short. Included in your package are a wide range of protection measures, such as a state of the art firewall to stop anyone from outside your company accessing your private business network, as well as a full complement of tools to combat against all types of viruses and other threats – from Trojan Horses and Worms, to Malware and Spyware. This means you can be safe in the knowledge that your network is fully protected all of the time.

Best of Breed Protection
Rather than attempt to create all the software for SoHoBlue by ourselves, we have integrated packages from some of the world’s biggest names in internet security. We’ve done this to give you the extra peace of mind when it comes to knowing that your business is safe. These companies employ staff in over 50 countries ensuring they get to tackle internet threats wherever and whenever they originate. So whatever you may hear about or read about, you will know you’ve got it covered.

Email Protection: Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and Anti-Phishing
Everyone knows about the threats posed by email viruses, and everyone will know at least one horror story of a company or individual that has lost some – or even all – of the information from their PCs through this type of attack. Keeping all your machines up to date with the latest anti-virus software can be both confusing and time consuming, but with SoHoBlue you don’t need to worry about this. You’ll know you have industry leading Anti-Virus protection that’s kept up to date automatically across all of your PCs.

SoHoBlue will also stop the vast majority of spam emails targeted at your business. One of the popular scams currently being tried by criminals is to send you an email, supposedly from your bank, trying to get you to disclose passwords, PIN numbers or credit card details. This is known as ‘Phishing’. To help you combat this sort of attack, SoHoBlue can spot these emails and warn you accordingly.

Web Protection: Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware
Today’s network security threats are much more sustained and malevolent than they were two to three years ago. Criminals have become far more efficient and ruthless. Those creating these threats have one thing on their mind – financial gain and hence are looking for company bank account or credit card data.

Your business can be compromised by getting you to inadvertently download malicious software – from either genuine or rogue websites – that then tracks your passwords and other security information and passes this on to the program’s creator. SoHoBlue provides two highly effective defenses against this type of attack.

Firstly, SoHoBlue automatically looks up on massive online databases to see if the site you are about to browse is known to contain malware, blocking access and preventing infection if this is the case. Secondly, it can scan information that is delivered from a website – before it reaches your PC – and checks to see if it contains viruses or other malware and blocks activation of anything potentially harmful.

Web Controls: Only allow access to those that need it
Often within an organisation people and PCs don’t all need the same level of access to certain functions such as sending emails or browsing the internet. If this is the case in your company then you can easily configure SoHoBlue to control who does what and who goes where. This ultimately leads to productivity improvements within any organisation.

Each user can be given a username and password along with access rights and privileges – allowing or blocking access to email and web services. If several users undertake the same sort of task they can be put into groups making control and setting of security policies even simpler.

Intrusion Prevention and Detection with Anti-Spyware
Today’s cyber criminals will go to any lengths to get their hands on your personal data. A common approach is to get you to install software onto your machine – either via email or through rogue websites – that then tracks what you do and copies the personal data you enter into websites (from your bank to any ecommerce site) and sends it to the software’s creator. This type of software is, for obvious reasons, called Spyware.

Another technique used to get your personal data is to install rogue software that allows the creator to gain access to your network from the inside at any point they want, this type of program is called a Trojan Horse. To ensure there is no hidden leakage of information from your network through either of the above types of attack, SoHoBlue comes complete with extensive intrusion prevention and detection capabilities.

Virtual Private Network – VPN for secure connection to multiple sites
A Virtual Private Network – or VPN – is a system for securely connecting computers that are not within the same building. Using SoHoBlue’s easily configurable VPN means you can allow different offices to share data with each other or let your staff work remotely from home and still have access to all the data they need to do their jobs effectively. With all of these options, the SoHoBlue system will ensure that you are still protected in the same way as you would be if everything was taking place within the same building.

Fully solid-state design for extreme high reliability – High Performance System – No Bottlenecks
SoHoBlue has been designed to offer both high performance and high reliability. As the system uses solid state memory storage technology and not a hard disk like your computer, it is not only much faster and more reliable, but also quieter. Despite being small in size it packs a powerful performance punch, and can easily handle 10 connected PCs accessing the highest performance broadband at the same time.

Easy Installation – up and running in 5 minutes – Fully automatic updates of all software
SoHoBlue is simple to install and comes with easy to follow installation guides to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Of course, should you need a helping hand, telephone support is available fro our dedicate support team. But once you’re up and running SoHoBlue will look after itself, keeping itself automatically updated with the latest security software to ensure your business continues to benefit from enterprise-level security and protection at a fraction of the cost.

Full 12-month warranty – Next business day replacement in the unlikely event of the unit failing
Finally, SoHoBlue comes with a full 12-month warranty. In the very rare event of the unit failing during this warranty period, you will be sent a replacement system by courier, to arrive no later than the next business day. This means your internet security will be up and running again with minimal impact to your business.