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Jargon Buster


The means to detect and isolate a whole range of malicious software inadvertently downloaded by users of your PCs, infections typically occurring either by browsing contaminated websites or receiving infected emails.

A mechanism to block unwanted emails, usually attempting to sell you something you have not requested.

Automatically detects bogus emails often pretending to be from your bank with the intention of gaining password or other security information about bank accounts or credit cards.

Software or a combination of software and hardware as with SoHoBlue, used to block access (usually from the internet) to a network or a PC.

Intrusion Detection
Another layer of defence behind a firewall, checking to see no one has broken in.

A general term covering all malicious forms of software that can potentially cause severe issues to your PCs and your business.

A networking equivalent of a human language. If two computers are configured correctly using the same networking protocol such as TCP/IP they can communicate and understand each other.

Wireless Security
SoHoBlue offers the means to encrypt or decrypt messages being sent to/from your wireless equipped PCs. This stops anyone in your locality eavesdropping – possibly gaining access to your financial information.

URL filtering
SoHoBlue can prevent users of your PCs visiting inappropriate websites or sites that will attempt to download malicious software and contaminate your PC network.


VPN – Virtual Private Network
SoHoBlue provides the means to connect two or more remote networks together over the internet, or connect a PC at your home to your office based network.