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New SoHoBlue-50 and SoHoBlue-100 models

Both SoHoBlue-50 and SoHoBlue-100 are very competitively priced and have markedly superior performance and features compared to other UTM security products available from other manufacturers.

We are extremely proud that the SoHoBlue range is designed and built in the UK for British and European customers. Unlike our US, Indian or Chinese based competitors who struggle to find the UK on the map - you can actually talk direct to our staff who wrote the SoHoBlue software or designed and assembled the hardware. We have years of experience serving UK customers and providing excellent support.

SoHoBlue-50 and SoHoBlue-100 models are ideal for mid-sized business with up to 50 and 100 PCs respectively. They easily out-perform far more expensive models of some of the biggest names in the networking business. The SoHoBlue VPN facilities make them an obvious candidate to be at the heart of a network to interconnect servers and PCs at multiple remote sites. Both models come with 12 months subscription to comprehensive UTM security and a 12 month warranty.


SoHoBlue-50 & SoHoBlue-100 Key features include:

•   Full Standard Unified Threat Management: a solution to all your security needs in one package

•   Integrated WiFi - IEEE 802.11/a/b/g/n

•   Powerful Firewall to protect your organisation and data
•   Email Protection: Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and Anti-Phishing

•   Web Protection: Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware
•   Web Controls: Only allow access to those that need it

•   Intrusion Prevention and Detection with Anti-Spyware
•   VPN for secure connection to multiple sites

•   Solid-state design for high reliability
•   High Performance Intel Dual Core Processors – No Bottlenecks

•   Easy Installation – up and running in 5 minutes
•   Fully automatic updates of all software

•   Full 12-month warranty
•   Next business day replacement service should hardware fail


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