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Full Speed UTM Internet Protection - SoHoBlue-25

Fastest SME UTM Product needed for Full Speed Fibre Connectivity

The latest generation SoHoBlue-25 is a very high performance UTM internet security device combining everything needed to protect your network. It has been specifically designed for those SME businesses and schools that want to make full use of new fibre optic broadband services which currently operate at speeds up to 500Mbps - and in the near future up to 1Gbps with the advent of G.FAST technology.


The new SoHoBlue-25 unit is ideal for organisations with up to 25 concurrent users that need to deploy a UTM security device that does not slow their network down. The SoHoBlue-25 firewall can scan network traffic at Gigabit throughput rates and can run its full repertoire of Unified Threat Management (UTM) defences to safeguard against the growing number of internet threats at an industry leading rate of 500Mbps.

Included in the UTM package are a wide range of protection measures such as a state of the art firewall, a full complement of tools to combat against all types of viruses and other threats – from Trojan Horses and Worms, to Malware and Spyware, together with our cutting edge SSL/HTTPS content filtering which allows businesses and schools to be safe in the knowledge that their networks are always fully protected.


With the growing spread of high-speed fibre optic based services across the UK, there is an obvious need for internet security devices that can truly keep pace with these new services. Many SME organisations are investing in fibre of connectivity as both Government and providers such as BT, Sky, Virgin, etc. are promoting and delivering these services. Getting the best performance is also essential for those looking to deploy cloud based applications.

In contrast to many competing security devices, the new SoHoBlue-25 unit uses the latest high performance Intel technology and has more than enough capacity in terms of memory and processor performance to outpace even the fastest fibre services currently being deployed. Its UTM security software protects the network and its users and is updated automatically with security enhancements.


SoHoBlue-25 is ideal for small business with up to 25 PCs. Despite being an entry-level model of our range it easily out-performs mid-range models of some of the biggest names in the networking business. Its VPN facilities can be used to allow remote workers based at other locations using a PC equipped with our free VPN client, to access data held on a server 

The SoHoBlue-25 unit is priced at £495 and comes complete with Gigabit Ethernet and integrated 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity. It comes with 12 months subscription to our UTM Standard package and a 12 month warranty.




SoHoBlue-25 Key features include:

•   Full Speed Unified Threat Management – runs at full 500Mbps Fibre Optic line speeds

•   Powerful Firewall to protect your organisation and data at Gigabit throughput rates
•   Email Protection: Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and Anti-Phishing

•   Web Protection: Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware including SSL/HTTPS web filtering
•   Web Controls: Only allow access to those that need it

•   Intrusion Prevention and Detection with Anti-Spyware
•   VPN for secure connection to multiple sites

•   Gigabit Ethernet and 300Mbps 802.11b/g/n WiFi
•   High Performance Intel Dual Core Processors – No Bottlenecks

•   Easy Installation – up and running in 5 minutes
•   Fully automatic updates of all software

•   Full 12-month warranty
•   Next business day replacement service should hardware fail


Plus comes complete with Gigabit Ethernet and integrated 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity!


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